If It’s Fun…Do It!

Learn to follow your heart.

It will always keep you on the path of love and abundance, ease and simplicity, grace and gratitude.

If it’s Fun, do it.

If it isn’t, don’t.



This may be a paradigm shifting concept for some of you. Only doing what’s fun.

Start small.

What feels more fun? Wearing the white shirt or the blue shirt? Having tea or coffee? Wearing my hair up or down? Ordering pizza or chinese? Cleaning the house now or later today?

These minor decisions that you make each day determine your attitude. Your attitude determines your experiences. Do you make choices based on you or on the anticipated opinions of other people? Do you fear being judged and criticized? If you are negotiating the minor decisions of your day with the fear of possible criticism…you will never have the self-esteem or self-confidence to make the major decisions that are in your best interest, that are alignment with your abundance.

Start small. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Get to know what it feels like to recognize Fun. Take the time to teach yourself, to remember what you knew when you were young. Fun was so important to us when we were young…do you remember that? It mattered. Think about some children you currently know and how devastated they are when they have to give up their Fun! They know how important it is to their well being and success!

Life is meant to be Fun. Joyful. Fulfilling. Amazing.

As you become more skilled and confident in only doing what’s fun, you will become clearer about your core values and who you really are. You will become immovable, unshakeable and very happy about being you.

Doing what’s Fun doesn’t mean not being responsible. Learning what is Fun with the small stuff will support you in making the big decisions that will keep you in alignment with your core values.

This is another step in creating Success on a foundation of Faith and Love. Learning to recognize the choices that support your core values is most definitely Fun!

Your Heart will guide you. If it feels ‘fun’, that is your Heart communicating with you–letting you know that you are making Heart based decisions.

Start small. Be light and easy about it. Have fun with it.

Have a blessed and abundant day!

Hugs and Love,

Deb Borges

“Make sure that everything and everyone you interact with today (whether in thought or in person) feels better for having spent time with you. Including You!”


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