My Life, My Way

I’ve made a definite decision about what I will and will not allow to be part of my life.

It’s based on my core values. Those beliefs that I will not negotiate, that I will not violate, that I will not ignore, that I will not-under any circumstances-throw under the bus to make another person feel comfortable around me.

I am stepping ‘Out of the Box’ and living Life as My Life, My Way.

Why is it Out of the Box?

The dominant collective consciousness of society dictates that we live It’s way, not our own UNIQUE way.

What I’ve heard from society: ‘This is the only way I know how to guide you, teach you, show you, etc and if you don’t do it my way and aren’t achieving success….don’t ask me for help, don’t complain, don’t wonder what your problem is. You’re on your own.’

Basically that message from Society, as I interpret it, is this: I (society and those who represent it) have achieved my success with a tremendous amount of stress, strain, effort and pain. If I did it, you can and SHOULD do it too! I am handling my misery and still succeeding. Get a grip on yours, stuff it out of sight and get on with it!! Life is messy and often miserable. Accept it and become successful anyway (in whatever area you want to achieve success in)–even ‘Happiness’. Successful people are those of us who are actively ignoring our pain and forging ahead. Get it? Success is built on the foundation of misery! Get over it! Figure it out already! Pretend you aren’t miserable. And just do it.


Not to me. Not anymore.

I quit.

Truthfully, I barely got started!

It has taken me almost 50 years to get clear about why I’m not all that interested in ‘putting myself’ out there and creating the phenomenal success that I know in my heart is my birthright. Success built on misery????? How can that be stable? Anyone who has any experience with buildings knows that a successful building depends on a strong, stable foundation. My experience of misery leaves me weak, vulnerable, somewhat depressed, unhappy, ill, and ready to crumble at any moment. How in the world am I supposed to uphold and hold up Success on that?

I’ve dedicated the last 12 years of my life to discovering who I really am and determining what to do about it.

And I am passionate about helping you and everyone you know (and don’t know) in doing the same.

I am not wired for building my successful Life on a foundation of misery. And I am no longer open to ‘being wired’ to do that. It has caused me more confusion and chaos than I am even aware of!!

All those years I’d been wondering, “Maybe I’m just not wired for phenomenal success…”

Turns out that I most definitely AM wired for phenomenal success. I AM created in the image and likeness of God. Pretty sure God is all powerful, all mighty, omnipresent, and amazing!! OK then! I’ve got that covered!

I am not wired for misery. It doesn’t feel natural. It certainly doesn’t feel all powerful and all mighty.

I am wired for Love. God is Love. Therefore I AM Love.

Society, the collective mindset of Society that is, is on auto pilot. It’s a habit. Most people aren’t even aware that they are living with this paradigm. They believe they have the system figured out. And they do….for Success built on Misery. They are not aware that it can be different and they don’t support different. Stay in the box.

I’m recommending that you get out of the box if it doesn’t feel like you.

How do you do that?

Find out who you really are. It’s happening for more people everyday…and society is beginning to grow and evolve…as more of us stand in our own power and empower others to do the same. Each of us living our lives Our Way is the foundation of a healthy society. We are then able to support more people in becoming who they were born to be and we all win!

Our uniqueness supported by our connectedness. That’s co-creation at its best.

Check in on my next post on November 4/13 and I’ll share some insights with you!

Have a blessed and abundant day.

Hugs and Love,